About Clarissa

Clarissa Costa is a single mother entrepreneur located in the Los Angeles area who has been dedicated to enriching shared spaces through my journey of finding unique furniture and interior design for over 15 years. Clarissa has had an eye for design from an early age and taught herself how to decorate and renovate the spaces and homes she's lived in throughout her life.   As a lover of beauty and design from an early age, Clarissa Costa thrives in her creative visual expression. Having lived around the world in three different continents , from cozy little cottages, to big multi-story mansions, Clarissa has designed and renovated it all. What makes her style unique is her intuitive design approach. 


About Costa Coast

Costa Coast is a homewares collection handpicked and curated from around the world to spark soul and ignite spirit through global design aesthetic, satisfying comfort and pleasure of the senses. We take pride in the quality of our goods and services, and value the people and communities we source our materials from. With holistic aesthetic design we elevate, deepen, and connect the collective consciousness for the betterment of the world. One Love, Costa Coast. See you in 2019.


Support Local Business

In order to preserve the quality and condition of our unique Rattan furniture, we offer local delivery options in the Los Angeles region and do